Angela & Roi – The Fashion Philanthropists


“Fashion can be utilized to both an artistic and charitable effect. Our company presents an opportunity for us to intertwine consumerism with philanthropy.” Angela & Roi

Created in 2013, Angela & Roi is a handbag brand that uses only vegan leather as support for the ethical treatment of animals. The brand is a strong supporter of the creation of handbags that are reflective of certain medical causes. A certain amount of each handbag sale is donated to a charitable cause, ranging from eleven different non-profit organisations depending on the color of the handbag purchased. The inspiration was driven by both personal and social aspects that the creators have experienced, touched by the importance of supporting the expenses of medical treatment.

Each bag has a delicate color schemed ribbon as a representation of its cause.

I conducted a short interview with Angela & Roi, Read on:

thewiremannequin: When did your company start? 

We started beta last year but officially launched our brand in Feb, 2013

thewiremannequin: What inspires your creations?

A&R: Anything we see, hear, and feel.

thewiremannequin: How would you describe your bag designs?

A&R: Minimal designs with a classic touch. Colorful to deliver hopes and positive energy.

thewiremannequin: Are any of you the designer or do you outsource both the design and manufacturing?

A&R: We outsource both but we work very closely with our design team. We choose all our materials and are aware of all the steps being taken.

thewiremannequin: What inspired you to focus your brand on “donate by color”?

We attended a fashion show that supported AIDS with red ribbon; we got inspired and applied the concept to our handbag brand. We believed that we could create a sustainable model where fashion consumerism meets philanthropy. We realized that there are so many people and families in the world who struggle with health problems and don’t get enough support.

Who would of thought, the opposite worlds of fashion and medicine meet not far from where your handbag sits.

Angela & Roi have plans to expand their “donate for color” passion into other fashion accessories.

Visit to see the full collection and know more about the creators behind this fashion philanthropy. 


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