It’s a grey kinda day


Most of the time, what I wear is reflective of how I am feeling that day. I like to externalise my emotions and thoughts through my wardrobe, I believe it’s very much reflective of not just a person’s character in general; but of emotions as well. I woke up today to a very gloomy and grey day, but thought to myself this shall not bring me down. I started my day by looking up outfits to style, and happened to find myself styling a somewhat fully grey outfit that I totally fell in love with, especially these over the knee Philip Lim boots, they are made to perfection.

I am obsessing over these over sized sweaters this season, I would almost always pair them up with leggings. They are not only cozy and comfortable, but they also cover up some unwanted areas that I like to call ‘winter time junk.’ Since the colors are very much basic I added a large statement necklace with a bit of color. I would suggest you always wear lipstick with striking color when the rest of the look is simple, it doesn’t jeopardise the outfit and it makes the face look fresh and striking.

A grey kinda day isn’t so bad after all…

Runway Ora Philip Lim over the knee boots
Stretch leather Helmut Lang leggings
Oversized wool & Other Stories sweater
Tiered crystal Mawi London necklace
Metal Rock Marc By Marc Jacobs ring
Audrey milky white Celine sunglasses
Boy Chanel flap bag
206 Grenate Satisfaction YSLmakeup lipstick

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