Give them the boot

versace thigh high boots

I went shopping the other day, looking specifically for a pair of nice boots for the winter, and it really got me thinking… every body type has not only pants that suit or tops that may look wrong, but most importantly every body type also has the right and wrong boots for your look. I got to reading about different body types and what suits every form and I compiled a list to share with you:

Stiletto heels – Slim bodies with exceptionally thin calves and ankles

Wedge heels – Flattering on bodies that tend to be curvier on the hips and thighs

Flat heels – These work almost on every body type, but in my opinion they are the most flattering on taller individuals with exceptionally long legs

Kitten heels – These are not made for the ones with shoe sizes exceeding 38; and in my personal opinion these types of heels should not even be called heels. They are not that flattering and look like they don’t know if they should have grown into 6 inch heels or if they should of just remained flat – unless necessary I would avoid these

Platform wedges – These look great on women that have reasonably short legs and want to add a comfortable couple of inches

Over the knee boots – My FAV! They can be saved from year to year because you know that for now the trend isn’t going anywhere. These boots suit almost any body type if you’re careful enough to get the right style for your calves. If you have rather slim calves you can go for the stretch style; for the more plump calves stick more to the slip-ons that get wider at the top. For shorter legs try to avoid any buckles or excessive accessories as they tend to make the legs look shorter

Make sure those pair of boots you’ve been eyeing all season are the perfect fit!


Photo credit: Versace


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