The Wire Mannequin collaborates with Minus 1

syrian refugees

With all its beauty and personalization, fashion becomes even more meaningful when it is done for a cause. With the Syrian crisis taking place and the harsh weather conditions that the region is starting to experience, several NGOs have put together programs for support.

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Minus 1, a social creative space that will be hosting an event on Saturday December 14. The Wire Mannequin will have a container ready for clothing and blankets set at the event for any “extras” you might have available at home.

All items will be given to “I AM NOT A TOURIST”, an initiative created to collect clothing and blankets to all Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

I AM NOT A TOURIST will be giving:

All the clothes to SAWA for DEV & AID

All the blankets to War Child Holland (WCH in Lebanon)

Minus 1 – Street Talk opening Event-

Whatever it is you find don’t think twice, you can be saving more than just a life.


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