Her 2014 trend forecast

burberry flora


Everything and anything floral was very much in the past couple of seasons, but come 2014 it is time to shift to more 3D flowers rather than all over prints; stick more to a statement stand-outish print this year. It can be on a sweater, shirt, skirt or even a pair of tight skinnies. It is all about making that statement.

alexander mcqueen

Alexander McQueen

Do not shy away from wearing a total outfit that is fully matchy-matchy. At first it might feel a bit too solid, but watch as you turn heads. Try on a midi skirt with the same color top; go the extra mile and slip on those same color shoes – do not judge before you have actually tried it on. Challenge yourself and wear a full print outfit, nothing says courageous more than that.

calvin klein collection sheer

Calvin Klein Collection

Showing your bra under a sheer top this 2014 is completely acceptable and recommended. Buy yourself a couple of funky looking bras and slip them on under any solid colored sheer blouse- perfect for any simple look turned edgy – I would suggest you stick to solid coloured bras instead of ones with print.

dolce and gabbana metallics

Dolce & Gabbana

Check out your favorite brands and their love for metallic this year. Metallic anything is bombing this year, be it a jacket, pants, shoes or clutch bag. Allow yourself to shine with this overly exposed trend for 2014.

Celine pleats


Jeans will always be your best friend, but toss them to the side for a while because pleats will be taking over the spotlight this year. Seen a lot on tops and dresses, the most flattering has to be on skirts; midi, mini or long.

Embrace 2014 with a positive attitude, attractive wardrobe and stand-outish style.



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