Indulging a moment of Pure Nostalgia

A moment of Pure Nostalgia




Sarah Beydoun creative director and owner of the foremost social entrepreneurship brand Sarah’s Bag has released a collaboration with Imad Kozem; author of the book Pure Nostalgia. I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the collection launch at Sarah’s Bag boutique in Beirut.

The handbag and accessories label consists of a limited edition collection of printed handbags, accessories, and jackets inspired by the 1950-80 era, as featured in Kozem’s book.

Kozem’s book is a compilation of memories of what Lebanese youth used to be; featuring posters and pictures of famous nightclubs and Beirut neighborhoods from pre-war days.

The pop culture collection is very much reflective of the brands’ general spirit, with Sarah’s Bag signature beading, embroidery and prints and nod to Lebanese culture and tradition. Through this collection, there is a very obvious trend of Pop Art that has become very “in” for the past couple of seasons, specifically among Arab designers.

It is always nice to see how designers incorporate traditional attachment and cultural appreciation into any piece of art. Sarah is best known for her desire to reflect Arab; and specifically Lebanese culture into every piece of work she has created.

Nothing speaks more from the heart than an attachment to ones origins.

I have selected a few of my favorite pieces from the full collection.

To see more of the collection check out: | Sarah’s Bag Facebook Page | @SarahsBag Twitter and Instagram



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