20 things every girl should know

We grow up hearing all different kinds of myths that we unwillingly start believing. I have compiled a list of 20 essential facts every woman should know. Some I have grown up to know through just observing my mother and grandmother, and others I have stumbled upon through reading tips and tricks articles.

I did not realise how helpful these can be.

1- When shopping, if you feel its an “impulse buy” put it on hold and sleep on it; if its still on your mind the next day go ahead and buy it

2- Want to pull off the shabby-chic look? Go for a pair of tight leather pants or sequinned skirt with a basic T and a pair of heels

3- Clean your mirror with shaving cream to avoid the nuisance of shower steam

4- “Hoop earrings are a classic style that every woman—regardless of age—should have, but the type depends on your face. If you have a thin face, go for larger round or embellished hoops. If you have a round face an elongated hoop or drop style is best.” —Elena Kiam, Creative Director, Lia Sophia

5- Use Pledge on a cloth to remove corner stains on leather bags

6- To give the illusion of a slim foot, always go for a low vamp (the part that cuts the start of your toe-cleavage) cut shoes

7- Wear heels that are close to your skin tone, they give your legs that “extra” long effect

8- Your first purchase on a leather item? Wear it in the rain, a bit of moist will allow it to break in

ysl leather jacket summerlisten.comphoto credit: summerlisten.com

9- Midi skirts and dresses are for the reasonably tall. If you are more on the petite side go either maxi or short

10- High-waist always elongates the legs giving the illusion of longer and slimmer legs

11- Avoid horizontal stripes; they only make you look wider. Settle for vertical stripes, they add on a couple of inches and take off a couple of pounds

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 10.35.02 AMphoto credit: lookbook.nu

12- When wearing something simple, always pair it up with a statement piece; completely transforms the whole look

13- Clean your silver jewellery with baking soda, water and aluminium foil

14- For fuller looking lips avoid dark colors and shades, stick to the light tones with a glossy effect

15- “Use hairspray to remove a lipstick stain.” – Kaelen Haworth, designer, KAELEN

16- When applying bronzer, start from the tip of the mouth and stroke upwards towards the ear

17- Allow your blowout to survive more than just a day by sleeping on a satin or silk pillow

silk pillow manitosilk.comphoto credit: manitosilk.com

18- Stop eyeliner from smudging by applying powder shadow on top of the pencil

19- To avoid having lipstick bleed through, apply a light amount of concealer around the lips

20- Spoonful of sugar – apply a small amount of sugar to your daily face wash to increase moisture and softness

sugar flickr.comphoto credit: flickr.com



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