10 makeup tips for a flawless face

Some of us like simple makeup; close enough to looking completely natural and make up free, while others like to stick to their routine of applying more onto the face.

I personally have gotten so used to the way I apply makeup, that when I try to change my style a bit I feel somewhat weird – not for long though! My daily application includes a day cream moisturiser, under the eye concealer, liquid cat-eye eyeliner, under the eye pencil liner and my obsession with brown eyebrow pencil (even since I cut bangs I still use it) I have however decided to start experimenting more (I just need to get used to the new me) once I have mastered it.

I have compiled a list of makeup tricks I stumbled upon through reading different articles quoted by the top makeup artists today, and included my own personal tips too.

1-  Panda eyes; no matter how much we try there are days where the dark circles under the eyes just get the best of us. On those days, first apply hydrating eye-cream followed by an under-eye corrector to cover the dark shade and under-eye concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your face concealer. Finish it up by dabbing on a small amount of pale yellow powder to prevent creasing and preserve the fresh look – Makeup artist Bobbi Brown

uner eye concealer fashionandotherpassion.comfashionandotherpassion.com

2- A bronze glow is needed all year, even in the midst of your amazing summer tan! Apply bronzer on the temples, sides of the face and under the cheekbones in a “C” form. I usually start from the middle of my forehead and stroke downwards in a “3” form. Most important tip I have; shy away from orange bronzer, it is anything but natural – Celebrity makeup artist Carmindy

3- Red lipstick is a must have for every girl. However, this lipstick technique can be used on any color you desire. I usually stick to darker colors of lipstick; I feel it suits me more than red. Always purchase lip liner that is the same color as your lipstick of choice. Tighten your lips by smiling slightly to get even lining, fill the full lips using the side of the liner and apply the lipstick of same color using a lip brush – L’Oreal Paris Consulting makeup artist Collier Strong

lipstick health.msn.co.nz


4- Apply concealer to your whole face and then wipe it off the cheeks using a tissue. This allows you to apply blush without having it layered and prevents it from cracking – CoverGirl Global Creative Design Director Pat McGrath

5- Cheekbones, who doesn’t want them? Apply a sheer shimmer powder on top of the cheekbones and under the temples. Make a fish face and suck in your cheeks, fill in the hollows with a deep nude blush. For final touches apply a peachy-pink blush using circular motion and let the circles grow as you brush through – Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal

6- As a continuation for makeup tip #5, purchase a fuchsia pink lipstick color that can be multi-functional. Who ever said that lipstick is strictly made for the lips? Apply a hint of fuchsia lipstick on your cheeks mixed with your choice of facial moisturizer. Works on everyone! – Revlon global artistic director Gucci Westman

7- Try to replace your mascara every month; new mascara always applies smoother and does not give the clumpy “spider” effect. Start at the root of your lashes and wiggle outwards – never aim for clumpy lashes at the tips, on the contrary try to subtly clump them at the roots – Chanel celebrity makeup artist Kara Yoshimoto Bua

mascara kinnelonconserves.net


8- Liquid liner; one of my daily must use. To make it easier to trace, start with a taupe color eyeliner pencil and slightly draw your desired line just above your upper lash line. I personally like to start with a very thin line from the tip of the tear duct to halfway down the lid, then extend slightly upwards and fill in the outer gaps using the tip of the feather (or felt pen) giving it more of pulled up cat-eye effect – Avon global creative color director Jillian Dempsey

cat eye eyeliner obaz.comobaz.com

9- Penciled eyebrows! My OBSESSION! Comb your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush or clean mascara brush to better shape the brows. Apply a moderately waxy brow pencil using the thin side of the tip, turn the pencil over and use the flatter side by stroking and lightly coloring the hairs (biggest mistake is to color the eyebrow as a whole). Add the final touches by blending a light shimmery highlighter just below the brow bone – Clinique global color artist Jenna Menard


eyebrows-Cara Delevingne harpersbazaar.comharpersbazaar.com

10- Smokey eyes; although not a simple day-to-day look it remains rather popular. Use your desired color of pencil eyeliner (preferably black or dark brown) and start by applying it on the lower lash lines into the lashes. Line the upper lash lines from the inside (more comfortably by closing your eyes) and push the liner into the lashes to avoid any gaps. Moderately smudge the liner with your finger and apply dark colored eye shadow across the lids, outwards and upwards towards the temple. For a more shabby (in a good way) look I like to apply a small amount of brown shadow to the outside parts of your eyes leaving you with a lighter and more natural smoky look – Celebrity makeup artist Jake Bailey

smoky eyes photo-bugs.com


After reading these; time to get practicing!





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