Cera Barr – For those who want more

With the start of 2014, and my extreme passion and desire to push even further into the world of fashion blogging, I have decided to feature and have a personalized post for various designers each given a special dedication every month.

I dedicate the month of January to Lebanese designer Sara Barrage; designer and founder of the Jewelry brand Cera Barr.

Cera Barr herself closet-confidential.comSara Barraj – closet-confidential.com

leaf backlaceBack body jewellery 
total look

Shoulder unicorn head with arm chain 

Imagine Cleopatra and Helen of Troy miraculously turned into super heroes in today’s world, wondering how they might accessorise their new look? CERA BARR high-fashion costume jewellery embodies the ancient goddesses in today’s world. Inspired by nature and the shift between naturalism and modernism, designer Sara Barrage is constantly flirting between past and future.

As a singer and previously a drama teacher, Sara is driven by performance art and is strongly passionate about meticulously creating bold and extravagant body pieces to be worn on stage, her desire to dress the most artistic personalities has not stopped her from creating very stand-outish accessories available for all tastes and preferences.

ring 2tribal cuff

cera barr cuff

The collection grew to a dynamic range of imperial-chic and modern-ethnic designs by merging organic structure and functionality with valuable metals, crystals, and textiles.

Also known for her personal customisation items, her creations can turn your everyday objects and accessories (from rings to phone covers, sunglasses..) into fabulous fashion items.

made to order Cera Barr phone cover

Customisable phone covers

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 3.02.36 PM

Headpiece – Styled by TWM

I am personally a big fan of personalised and customised items, and that is exactly what Sara does. I am in no surprise that she loves to work one on one with her customers to better understand each personality and offer them items reflective of their character and order.

Being a personal good friend of mine, I guarantee you her beauty and charm will have you constantly wanting more of; what I would like to call; crafted body art. I have used several of her items on styling projects, they add a bold statement to any simple outfit – when wearing this type of jewellery you really need not worry about the outfit; the accessories will speak for the whole look.

The most thing I love about Cera Barr jewellery is that every part of the body can be accessorised, ranging from headpieces to back chains and shoulder ornaments; you just name it.

To view the full CERA BARR collection: raghunter.com

Available at: 
L’Espionne – Palais des Congres, Paris
Leanna’s Boutique – Saifi Village, Beirut
Urbanista – Gemmayze, Beirut
lebelik.com, mooda.com, soon on minalsama.com
e-mail: sara@cerabarr.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CeraBarr
Instagram: @cera_barr



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