Kate Moss for Alexander McQueen SS’14

moss 3

moss 2

It is not everyday that we see Kate Moss starring in a short film rocking a metallic gold hairdo – I guess there are firsts for everyone.

Looks like 40 is the new 20 for this model; she makes me look forward to hitting the 40s.

Steven Klein has shot both the advertising photographs and video for the SS 2014 Alexander McQueen campaign, where Moss is the new face for the brand. Inspiration has been drawn from the 60s British thriller “Peeping Tom”; based on a mysterious (serial killer) man behind a camera lens that films the torture in the eye’s of dying women – pretty creepy stuff.

The clothing in the film is very gladiator-ish, based mainly on gold, black and red leather and metals. McQueen never seizes to amaze; I am loving this elegant dark side of leather and metals, what a beautiful combination of creepy meets classy.   – My favourite part of the film though is definitely the miniature Moss doll.

For the full video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPiDroK1M2o


Photo Credit: styleite.com


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