Dress right for your type

One of the most things I love about styling is the ability to adjust a whole look depending on a body type and structure. Let us be realistic, rarely do any of us have the model thin body that the media bombards us with constantly as a reminder of what we actually do not have.

Any woman regardless of her shape or size can have the look she wants by just simply understanding her body and what goes for it.

The most common body shapes are pear, apple, rectangle and hourglass. The most essential thing when dressing for your shape is to create balance between the upper and lower body.

The Pear: Slim from the waist up, plump from the waist down


The biggest misconception for this body type is to wear a top that is tight to accentuate the slim waist; the reality is actually the contrary. Since the trick to creating the right look for your type is balance, focus on layering and embracing tops that are less tight and rather looser.

For jackets, emphasis must be on cardigans since they add delicate volume and somewhat short jackets that stop at the waist instead of long heavy coats.
For lower body garments turn your interest into more dark shaded pants and with pockets from the back, since pocket-less pants usually highlight the buttocks.

When purchasing a dress or skirt go for the A-line cut that softly drops over your curves and accentuates your trim waist – shy away from pleats, light colored patterns and high-waist, mid-rise is the best choice for you.

The Apple: Slender legs, round upper body with broad shoulders


Blazers are your best friend, not only do they add elegance to your total look, but they poise your upper body. Focus on wearing items that show a bit of your neckline, some leg and forearms; looks elegant, trim and adds a few inches.

For dresses and tops your best look is the wrap around; anything that has lines and angles goes well for your upper body.

People with a circle body usually have a hard time deciding on what to wear from the top, the bottom comes much easier. Since you have rather slim and firm legs, focus on trying to show more of them; they are your biggest asset. Slim cut and straight pants are made for you, pair them up with some heels to add on a few inches and you are good to go.

The Hourglass: Slim waist, large breasts and curvy hips

When describing the ideal body, the hourglass is always everyone’s desired choice.

The simpler you go, the more you accentuate the beauty of your curves and assets. Try to avoid showing off too much of your curves (although with your body type the temptation is there). I always say, leave more for the imagination; do not give away too much.
For tops avoid layering, you have nothing to hide. Try to adapt to the idea of wearing a belt (I know not a lot of people do not like them) but for your body type they will highlight your trim waist and curvy hips.

For skirts almost always avoid wearing them too short, best look on you is a pencil skirt, anything that drops under the knee.

Skinny jeans and bootleg pants are your best choice they underline your curves and firm body. The most essential tip is to avoid wearing super tight garments, you want to highlight your curves moderately, and anything in excess is no longer flattering.

The Rectangle: Athletic and slender body from top to bottom

This body type is one of the easiest to style because it is slim and consistent from top to bottom. However, the most important thing is to avoid styling this body in a manner that removes all form of femininity and elegance. Since people that possess ruler bodies are usually athletes, the chances of looking rectangular and lacking shape is very high.

To create smooth curvature focus on wearing tops that are ruffled and off the shoulder. Everything round from the top will help you avoid looking “boxy”. Shy away from the misconception that you should wear simple fitted garments, on the contrary that is not the look for you.

Since you have slender long legs, high-waist pants were made for your body. Focus on flared trousers, they add volume and roundness to the lower body.

Your body type allows for the ability to experiment with fabrics. Silk, drapes, ruffled and embellished tops look great on you.

I believe every woman should embrace her body for what it is. You can alter any “unwanted” part of your body just by creating balance and poise.


Photo Credit: superskinnyme.com


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