Can you scream Feminine?


Dolce & Gabbana


Isabel Marant






River Island


Stella McCartney


See by Chloe

This Spring Summer trend is all about embracing your inner woman. The majority of trends, silhouettes, colors and patterns are so feminine they make you want to scream WOMAN!

Both high end brands and street brands have adopted the 1960s born trend of mini-skirts. It was only up until 1960 that the mini skirt was introduced and accepted in society thanks to Marie Quant and the Swinging London era – I always get carried away with a bit of history but I cannot help it, I love knowing a bit of historical facts related to to fashion trends and their evolution.

Be it a mini skirt or mini dress, it is time to show off those sexy legs this summer. I would pair up a mini with something rather loose from the top. I am personally not a fan of over-exposed skin, I prefer exposing one part of the body while leaving the rest rather conservative.

The most thing I love about mini skirts is that they can easily be switched from day to night garments. With a pair of simple flat sandals or ballerinas you can run your errands with style; knock off those flats and pair that mini up with some heels and you are set to go to that evening event you have had planned for days.



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