L’Wren Scott; who has she dressed?


Not only was L’Wren Scott the girlfriend of The Rolling Stones lead Vocalist and Co-founder Mick Jagger, she was renowned for her beauty, height, appeal and most importantly her fashion brand “L’Wren Scott”.

In 2006, Scott released her first collection of meticulously garmented dresses that became the favourites of A-list celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Amy Adamas and Penelope Cruz.

Scott stood at more than 6 foot tall, jet black hair and a white complexion that had heads turning. She started off as as model transformed into a Fashion stylist only to become a fashion designer for her own brand in 06. She had a different and unique take on style, one that was a perfect mesh between chic and rock-and-roll. Her dresses were famous for being very well fitted, barely leaving an inch of space for folds; resembling ultimate femininity and mature sex-appeal. She was not the topic of fashion headlines, but she did have her clients and her customers that had appreciation for her eloquent designs that dressed women as women.

nicole kidman


amy adams

The news of Scott’s suicide comes as a shock to many in the industry, however is unfortunately not something new. With the suicide of Alexander McQueen back in 2010 and Isabella Blow in 2007.

We are nobody to judge the pressure and psychological distress such a cannibalising industry might have on individuals, the competition is intense and survival is in the hands of the monsters.

R.I.P to all fashion artists – your legacies will go on.



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