Sporty – Chic; How to go about this trend



3Whoever thought that sweats, trainers and jersey tops were just for the gym is in for a fix. For summer 2014 get ready to bring out that little tomboy you’ve tucked away since you turned 16 and decided to be all girly.

Sporty chic is all about mixing comfort with style. However, this trend can be tricky to pull off if the balance is not done right. My advice would be to always have 60% chic and 40% sporty, that way you do not risk looking like you just passed by after the gym.



7One of my favourite mixes for this trend is a classic pair of slim gym trousers, simple strappy sandals or pumps and tight fitted top, of course paired with either an over sized clutch bag or classic hand bag. Try to avoid going for loose fitted pants, you can be risking looking a bit shabby.

Another way to wear this look would be with a classic skirt, loose fitted jersey top and a pair of sexy high heels.


910The options available for this trend are endless, most important thing is the ability to balance and properly style this look.

If you feel like you have exceeded your chic and cannibalized your sporty, aim for a cap or hoody; it will bring your sporty back.


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