All Things Mochi – TWM designer of the month

Ayah Tabari Head Shot

Mochi- a chain stitch embroidery 

There are all things and then there are all things Mochi – a perfect mixture of East and West under the umbrella of embroidery, textile and craftsmanship. Dubai based blonde beauty Ayah Tabari is the founder and designer behind fashion brand Mochi encompassing garments such as skirts, jackets, shorts, vests and the all so famous crop sets.

Ayah’s initial inspiration came from a visit to Goa back in 2011 where she was intrigued by the colorful and embroidered fabrics that South Asia is so famous for. As a designer your first creation always has a soft spot, and in Mochi’s case the crop top and skirt remains to be the top seller for the brand till this day. Ayah first starts by travelling to different destinations, meticulously picking countries that she is aware she can derive cultural and traditional inspiration from. For every collection she travels to a new part of the world, carefully hand picking fabrics to start the design process.

Ayah not only travels to certain destinations as a source of inspiration and culture adaptation, but in addition has a strong appreciation and connection to the civilizations of the individuals she is dealing with. When the material choice is finalized, she seeks local artisans who produce the materials and embroidery and always prefers to deal directly with locals as a gesture of appreciation and gratefulness for their ability to inspire and provide.





For the time being the majority of her clients are based in the Arab world, but with the launch of her website and upcoming international shipping service, people from all around the world will be rocking their Mochi!

I cannot wait to get my hands on my Mochi piece – I am currently obsessing over the jacket!

For first hand viewing Mochi is currently stocked at:

Sauce Dubai, Sauce Abu Dhabi, The Yard Kuwait, Cream Jeddah and Bloom Riyadh.
Stay tuned for the launch of very soon!
Facebook Page: Mochi
Instagram: @allthingsmochi

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