Fashion Revolution Day



With the passing of the one year memorial of Rana Plaza collapse on April 24, 2013 in Bangladesh, comes the birth of one of the largest fashion revolutions around the world. With the death of 1,300 workers under the rubble of the harsh and unethical work conditions of Rana Plaza, people from all around the world have stood up to make a difference; to voice an opinion with what is considered acceptable and what is not.

High-street retailers are the main target in this revolution, majority of which were actually producing in Rana Plaza when it collapsed; they have vowed to work together to change the sector and make working conditions more suitable and ethical.

“Fashion Revolution Day” – a movement created and lead by Hat Designer Carry Somers and several other activists in the industry. Since the collapse of Rana Plaza members of the board have dedicated their jobs and life to create a global campaign that so far up to 50 countries has taken part in.

The main point of this campaign is to create a change in the industry that stems from a change in consumer behaviour and ethic. If consumers actually started to question the way the high-street industry functions, it is believed that change can be made and the lives of the 1,300 victims alongside the injured will not go in vein.

As a symbol of cooperation, April 24 will annually mark the tragic memory of the Rana Plaza collapse, and people worldwide will be asked to show support by wearing their clothes inside out – exposing the tag of where the garments were manufactured – hashtag #insideout and check out the ongoing support and cooperation.

Several events have taken place worldwide as support for the cause.

Minus 1 in Beirut Lebanon in collaboration with The Creative Space have publicised their ongoing support and have asked their fans and followers to wear their clothes inside out for the full day marked April 24.

It is never too late – supporting such a cause just requires you as a consumer to know where your purchase is coming from and simply making sure (as much as possible) that the creation of your desired garments is not being held in a less than humane possible condition.

RIP to all the Rana Plaza victims – let us all make sure this is the end of such tragic work environments.


Photo Credit – @fash_rev; @leilahafzi; @shopvintagecastle


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