Bring back our girls


The sad news of the abduction of more than 200 girls aged between 12-15 in Nigeria last month has taken a huge turn in social media recently. May 8 has been set as the date to promote a campaign supporting the release and safe return on the abducted girls.
The power of social media these days has gained large amounts of popularity and followers around the world.
This is a humane call to release the innocent and young girls; a minute of your time will make a difference!
Hashtag #bringourgirlsback and #nigeria- these little girls need us!



2 thoughts on “Bring back our girls

  1. this is the biggest tragedy for their parents.I being a woman and a mother can feel their pain,agony and their restlessness.Im with you MOMS.GOD will listen to your prayers as well as ours.I wish I could reach you all and hug you tightly.your tears means to me a lot.Regards love.HALIMA

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