Cover me up in a one piece

20140511-115216.jpgHeidi Klein – net-a-porter.com20140511-115202.jpgMissoni Mare – mytheresa.com20140511-115147.jpg Etro – mytheresa.com20140511-115122.jpgT by Alexander Wang – mytheresa.com20140511-115101.jpgMathew Williamson – net-a-porter.com20140511-115046.jpgMelissa Odabash – net-a-porter.com20140511-115032.jpgMissoni – net-a-porter.com20140511-115009.jpgKenzo –

Since the public announcement of my pregnancy and the first signs of an appearance of a baby bump, I’ve been on the look out for one piece swim suits to strut this summer.
Although a two piece bikini would look super cute with an early on bump, I am loving the one piece swim suits that have become available this season.
I always like to stock up on a couple of investment piece cover ups too. When just lounging around the pool or going to grab a bite, a cover up or wrap around always seals the deal.
Here are a couple of my favorite cuts and looks for one piece bathing suits.



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