The Eye


As Arabs we are brought up to believe that the “eye” or the “evil eye” is something completely legitimate and proven! As we grow older and wiser we obviously conclude that these are just old granny tales but for some weird and odd reason if you dig deep down inside each and everyone one of us, you will find that we still do believe in its existence; at least I can say I do.

Do not tell anyone your good news until it is set and final, when someone tells you they like something you own or you look good today; an automatic “go away evil eye” pops in mind! Funny but true!

Keeping that in mind, I happened to fall across this super cute “Eye want your perspex” Charlotte Olympia clutch, isn’t it adorable? Would look great with a simple pastel colored jumpsuit and flats; perfect for a chilled night out with friends or family.

Come to think about it, it would look great with my “eye” necklace and matching bracelet! Haven’t taken off the bracelet in 3 years! Other than having sentimental meaning, some part of me wants to keep it there just “in case”

I mean, better safe than sorry no?




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