Farah Asmar – Designer of the Month

farah pic

“Fashion is a lifestyle rather than a trend for women who crave uniqueness and allow their pieces to scream vogue statement weather it’s a clutch or an over sized handbag” – Farah Asmar

jeeda black front chain 2Jeeda Clutch 

photo 2Thalia cross bag

sharon blue front open

Sharon Tote

My designer pick for this month goes to handbag designer Farah Asmar, Jordanian based beauty and entrepreneur. Farah has studied Graphic Design and Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni in London – Loving her stuff even more since I myself am a Marangoni graduate 🙂

After her graduation, she worked with a handbag designer, fashion magazines, TV shows and is an ex-partner in Love and Label from 2009-2011.

Farah claims that keeping an idea and and growing on it in a rapidly growing and moving industry such as the fashion world requires hard work and persistence; accompanied with travel design and continuous inspiration. She is very much inspired by art, culture, fashion, architecture and technology.

I had the chance of asking Farah a couple of questions with regards to her business:

If you were to describe the Farah Asmar woman who would it be?  Farah asmar woman is some one who always seeking new things and unique items, she is a jet setter who manages to look confident yet comfortable

Which of your bags is considered iconic? Thalia cross bag and the SHARON tote are our best sellers

How many collections do you release per year? Two major seasons plus collaborations through out the year and a pre-fall capsule collection

Where do you get your inspiration from? My surrounding constantly inspires me whether it’s the colors, shapes or a certain era that I experience through my travel

If you could dress a celebrity with your bag accessory who would it be and why? Sarah Jessica Parker is a style icon that we all follow and admire, she proved to set her own touch through out the different trends she wore

Describe your brand in 3 words: Luxury Daily handbags

What is the next big thing you have planned? Well I just launched my online store, and I’m planning on taking the brand further hopefully to Europe through fashion weeks and big regional events

What instigated your interest in starting your own bag brand?  That’s a long story which started after I studied fashion design at Marangoni-London and interned with a handbag designer. I started designing dresses after graduating and slowly leaned towards this leather world and the mechanism of using luxury goods, so I decided to go for a trial and started a brand with a partner to find myself wanting more and restructuring a whole new identity under Farah Asmar

I am absolutely loving her style! The boldness in pieces and vibrant use of colours is just screaming summer. My favourite part is that there is a selection for every style and occasion. The versatility of use makes Farah Asmar handbags a must have for every season. The affordable luxury approach she has used makes her handbags a “must have” in every girls wardrobe!
To visit Farah Asmar handbags online: farahasmar.com

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