The Brow Evolution

If you ask anyone that has known me for a while what is the thing in a woman’s face that attracts me the most; the answer is definetly going to be eyebrows! I am obsessed! Eyebrows clearly define the face and shape not just the forehead, but the eyes as well. I happened to fall across an interesting article that discusses the evolution of eyebrows and decided to share what I have learned about the history of my obsession with you.

3500 BC – 2500 BC – for supernatural beliefs and obtaining non human powers, both men and women in Egypt wore makeup. They used carbon to thicken, elongate and arch the eyebrows to have more of a bold look

800 BC – 146 BC – uni-brow much? For what we freak out about today was actually considered a sign of beauty for ancient Greeks. Women that were married would go for a more subtle and natural look, while women looking to be wed would focus on black intense uni-brows as a sign of beauty and availability

1920s – The start of making commercials publicly available, a time where women started to feel more liberated and were literally “roaring in the twenties”; they used beauty as a way of expressing freedom and liberty. Eyebrows were plucked to the maximum handling of thinness and then were penciled in to extend quiet a bit away from the eye

clara bow 1920s

20s – Clara Bow

1950s – Has to be my favourite brow era! With the “New Look” introduced by Dior, personalities such as Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn changed the image of what eyebrows were. The focus shifted more to shaped and thicker brows; more of a reason to love these girls!

grace kelly 50s

50s – Grace Kelly

1960s – I do not know what was going on here, but thanks to Sophia Lauren, shaving your brows and penciling them in was the thing to do; I guess whatever floats your boat would work in this case


60s – Twiggy

1970s – the era says it all! Now, I am not expecting hippies to shape, shave or pencil in their brows. 70s marked the brow trend of having natural eyebrows that haven’t been touched; leaving it all “au natural”

1980s: The bushier the better! Thanks to Cindy Crawford and Madonna, more more more!

cindy-crawford 1980

80s – Cindy Crawford

1990s – Has to be personally one of my worst eras! Brows became very much shaped and went back to the 20s of having super thin and upside down shaped brows!

2000s – thick, penciled in brows for a bolder look are in! Get those brows cleaned every once in a while but remember to keep them natural and thick! For the empty spaces I use Mac eyebrow pencil; it is currently my best friend!

brows 2010




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