Malene Birger – Designer of the Month

467384_in_ppOttava gold-plated resin finger bracelet

467386_in_ppKlein gold-plated resin necklace

467385_in_ppKlarinet gold-plated ring

467383_in_ppErykah gold-plated resin necklace

It is so hard to decide on one designer that I would like to pick for my designer of the month; there is just too much beauty in the industry that makes my decision so hard!

For one, I am falling in love with Malene Birger; I happened to fall across her designs while browsing on Net-a-Porter. Danish designer Malene started her fashion line in 2002 and has incorporated the most beautiful and elegant jewelry in her collections.

I would best describe her jewelry as classic yet contemporary, wearable for any occasion and time of day. That is my personal favorite type of jewelry, something that can be so versatile that it can be worn as a statement at night or mixed with other accessories for the daytime.

With products ranging from rings, chokers, body chains and finger bracelets Malene has me obsessed!


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