Loubis for my nails per favore



How excited are we to hear of the launching of the long awaited for beauty line released by the Red Sole guru Mr. Louboutin. Definitely not created to be tucked away in your polish pouch, these babies are made for display both on your nails and in your house. Rouge Louboutin is made of an ombre faceted glass vessel topped with a black cap that is inspired by the sharp and pointy spikes and is as sharp as our lovely stilettos.
The signature red soles that we have all surrendered to were actually first created when Christian wanted to add more of an edge to his sole and painted the underside with his assistant’s red polish.
The recently released line consists of 31 different colors ranging from nudes, blacks and pop colors.
Best part; the lacquer will be sold alongside his shoes, and even better Christian has a mental vision of which color goes best with which shoes.
You never seize to amaze us Mr. Louboutin!

Christian Louboutin’s Rouge Louboutin nail polish can be found at – sephora.com

Photo Credit: philly.com; fastcodesign.com



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