Only Popcorn – Earrings by Ghia

Close up OPplain

Plain Flavor


Caramel Flavor


Butter Flavor

For those of you that have not yet laid eyes on these ever so creative and eye-catching earrings; trust me you are missing out! Ghia Zaatari; a personal friend of mine is one of the three creative minds behind the creation of the brand Only Popcorn. For anyone that already knows Ghia, it comes as no surprise that she has yet surprised us with another exciting adventure of hers.

The idea behind developing these earrings; one which is a popped corn and the other which is a kernel came to mind while she was working alongside Derrick B Harden; a New York based rapper and art curator in two galleries in Lower Manhattan. The idea behind the brand is that it gives life to collaborations in the entertainment industry prompting artists from the music, gallery and other design scenes to come together to create unexpected works, host shows and promote albums.

Only Popcorn can easily be called a lifestyle brand. The moment is captured right when the Popcorn pops, transforming from kernel to an actual popcorn.

As a partner with Derrick B Harden and Anaisabel Garcia; each member is responsible for their own area of expertise with Derrick being the music and art networker and curator, Ana responsible for PR & Communication and Ghia taking over product design and managing design collaborations; this trio works perfectly together.

We all grew up on popcorn! Birthday parties, movies (even till today), carnivals, festivals and anything fun included some form of popcorn. The masterminds behind this brand live by the belief that “Popcorn is symbolic of the entertainment industry in how quickly things pop and then similarly fade away”.

These earrings are made for anyone young at heart, bold and has a real eye for fashion and entertainment. Versatile in their design, these beauties can be worn both day and night.

All silver based, you can choose between three different flavours; plain, caramel and butter. These babies are spontaneous, creative and artistically ambiguous.

Keep your eyes popping for some upcoming editions that still revolve around the idea of popcorn only finalised through the experimentation with new materials.

With a limited number of earrings created, make sure to get your hands popping and grab your pair asap!

We are absolutely in love!

Only Popcorn earrings are available at:

Personal Orders through Ghia:
Sauce Boutique: Dubai
Label Queen: Beirut
Yazi: Bahrain
Le Mill: Bombay

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