Moda Operandi knows what you want

BOCHIC Carved Ruby And Diamond Earrings $21,900

STEPHEN WEBSTER British Couture Collection Earrings with Detachable Black Diamond Feather $17,000

WENDY YUE One of a Kind Lily Pad And Scarab Ring $11,300

YOSSI HARARI Lilah Cage Blue Sapphire Ear Cuff In Oxidized Gilver $1,480

If you haven’t yet laid eyes on Moda Operandi; you need to do so asap! The online preorder website allows you to order designer pieces straight from the runway. Best part is that it recently expanded its offerings to include designer jewellery from both emerging and established designers.

My biggest weakness in life is jewellery, especially when it is one of a kind pieces. I was browsing through Moda Operandi only to find such a wide array of both iconic and contemporary runway designers; can’t wait to shop their jewellery collections.

The pieces will feature both fine jewelry and semi-precious stones, estate jewellery that include both vintage and one of a kind pieces from the Edwardian and Art Deco eras.

Be one of a kind and preorder your pieces straight off the runway; get your hands on those treasures before anyone else does.

Products available on:


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