Designer of the month – Dhruv Kapoor

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We all know that September is only the biggest fashion month of the year. At least for me it is the most exciting time of the year to see what all our favorite designers have in store for us. As you all know, every month I dedicate a post to my designer choice for that month; because September is so big I have kept one of my favorite people on hold for this month! Not only is he a dear friend of mine, but he has come a long way in creating his brand where he recently just launched his first collection for both men and women; I always knew he would make it big.

On the 20th of August 2014; Team Kapoor launched the brand officially. Dhruv Kapoor; the mastermind and designer behind this brand is from New Delhi, studied at Istituto Marangoni in Milan the same year I happened to be there. We can say that we connected right away in our attempt to learn a couple of Italian words; I must admit he did much better than I did in that department! With his positive energy, spiritual soul and beautiful personality; Dhruv was bound to make it big; and this quickly too!

Having lived in Milan for several years, Dhruv positively captured all the elements of beauty the city has to offer, with a mixture of educational expertise and his inspirations derived from art and culture; the Dhruv Kapoor label today cannot be described as anything less than “cutting edge tailoring and design that is just getting started”.

The Kapoor brand is all about sophistication, chicness and complexity; it is fierce yet unscathed, raw yet developed. With a collection that consists of large pea coats, slacks, A-line skirts and boxy shirts in a blend of knits, luxury furs and mesh. He is no stranger to introducing the trend of Sporty Luxe in his own magical way. Zip closures, bold lapels, slouchy pants and the use of mesh gives birth to a rather upscale approach to this fall trend.

This highly individualistic brand is set to keep you on your toes. With a color palette of black, white, shades of grey and subtile pink pave; there is nothing else to say but we are in love! My love for emerging designer just got stronger; it is so refreshing to see such amazing talents in today’s world! I have no doubt Dhruv will be the next big thing in the industry; that is if you have not yet layed eyes on his brand I must say you are missing out!

Chapeau Bas!


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