Blow your mind with Fendi SS’15

“Peekaboo; I see you” 

Embelished micro peekaboo bag

Embellished micro “Peekaboo” bag

Python by the way bag

Python “By The Way” bag

Mini monster baguette bag

Mini “Monster Baguette” bag

By the Way python bag

Python “By The Way” bag

Trois jours bag with python baguette micro bag

“Trois Jours” bag

The craftsmanship, colors, grace and absolute beauty that was seen on the Fendi SS2015 runway is no stranger to the Italian brand. However, what struck my attention and what I absolutely fell in love with were the bags, little Karlitos and bag monsters that just blew my mind. I can never say this enough, but Karl Lagerfeld you have nailed it! Between Fendi and Chanel I no longer know what to say about the recent genius and over the top creativity that Karl is providing us with!

Recently marked as an iconic bag for Fendi, the Peekaboo since its birth in 2009 has stolen our hearts. “A whispered elegance that doesn’t need to shout the new concept of luxury it epitomizes” – Fendi could not have said it any better way!

Miniature baguettes dangling from the Peekaboo bags, mini Karlito charms and embellished micro bags; the perfect accessory for any elegant nighttime outing.

The sky is the limit with Karl, and our hearts keep pounding for what Peekaboo surprises Fendi has in store for us.


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