Lady Million – “Eau my Gold”




Iconic, chic and irresistible; that is what Paco Rabanne stands for. Known for his signature dresses that evoke the sense of boldness, femininity and elegance; Paco Rabanne is one of those brands that are iconic and symbolic of what old and real fashion is all about; understanding the woman and catering to her needs and desires.

Brigitte Bardot and Jane Fonda are no strangers to Rabanne’s designs and silhouettes. Today no brand is complete without offering women the scent of elegance and refinement. Being a lover of gold, it comes as no surprise that Paco Rabanne has truly captured the hearts of women through embracing femininity and grace.

With Lady Million Eau my Gold all we can say is Oh my God! With a new touch of fresh luminosity, liveliness and somewhat a reinterpreted sense of what being feminine today is all about; we have fallen in love with this scent.

Focused on the concept of pleasure, this fragrance is set to blow you away. In an ever so elegant bottle designed to ooze with femininity through the faceted diamond encrusting, elongated and transparent shape. With the final touches of engraving in glass; there is nothing more to say but we are in love!

Femininity at its ultimate all bottled up in what has been best described as “pleasurable freshness”. To make it even more attractive, the brand has chosen Hana Jirickova to complement the fragrance; as a combination of refined beauty and a strong personality; Hana is the perfect Lady Million.

Best part of all of this is taking this fragrance and transforming it into a cocktail. Imagination and experimentation clearly have no limits; that is where Anne Flipo and Gwladys Gublin perfectly mixed and matched. With expertise in perfumery and mixology; this duo put their minds together to create a cocktail that reflects the new fragrance; one that makes you feel like the million dollar lady the scent emits.

 For your Lady Million cocktail:

  • Half a passion fruit
  • 4 Drops of Spanish Bitters
  • 4 drops of orange blossom extract
  • 2 cl squeezed lemon
  • 5 cl agave syrup
  • 1 teaspoon of home-made barley water
  • 4 cl cognac
  • Champagne top-up – because nothing is complete without some Champagne
  • Orange zest

But with Paco come a set of rules on how a true Lady Million must embrace her beauty and elegance. “Give a girl the right heals and she can conquer the world”; when Marilyn Monroe said this she knew what she was talking about. Rule of thumb; “the higher the heals the better”. No heals are complete without some jewelry that screams beauty with that perfect dress that simply just speaks for itself – it is true when they say that you are “never under dressed in your little black dress”. Always beware, for it is not how you look when you know you are going to be seen; it is how you look on your day off that matters – don’t forget your selfie filter; you wouldn’t want your look to go unseen.

Stick by for as long as you feel is right; however do not over do it you do not want to risk not making your exit as grand as your entrance. Enjoy your “Eau My Gold” cocktail and remember the most essential rules in life: Keep smiling and always live your life to the fullest.




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