My last days of pregnancy





With my last days of pregnancy approaching I have started to become a bit overwhelmed and overly excited at the arrival of our little baby angel. Getting dressed and trying to look your best while pregnant has been somewhat of a struggle. I have not really indulged much on maternity clothing, but actually remained consistent with my shopping routines only with some size modifications of course.

For any mom to be I would suggest you invest the most on leggings, for nothing is as comfortable and light; trust me you will not be able to handle anything else. Stick to the basics, opt for a wide selection of sleeveless long cotton-stretch tops that you can practically wear with anything from a blazer, cardigan, jeans jacket or your favourite tweed vest.

For your nighttime outfits always go for a simple dress, I usually felt the most comfortable in a tight fitted black dress either short or midi. I was able to strut my heels for the first couple of months but it got pretty exhausting towards the end. To make myself feel better, I always make sure my hair is perfectly done, my favourite shades are in place and my favourite bag is by my side.

As an extra tip, contour your face with your favourite choice of foundation and bronzer; it makes you look and feel much slimmer.

For concealer I use “Clinique Even Better Makeup” and as my bronzer I use “Guerlain Terracota”.

I hope this helps!



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