The Loubi Passage Collection

Ash Reynolds2Christian Louboutin Passage Mini Calf Violet 2

Christian Louboutin Passage Mini Calf Rouge de Mars 2

Christian Louboutin Passage Messenger Pony Leo White Brown 1

What more could we ask of Mr. Louboutin? With the release of the newest collection titled the “Passage Collection” we are dazzled with the introduction of new colors for the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection.

Gaining inspiration primarily from nature the collection is a combination of vibrant colors and animal patterns such as deep violet, leopard print, fiery red and blue-green turquin. Available in various sizes depending on your wear occasion you can have your pick between large shoulder bags, messenger and mini messenger bags and the Passage that can be worn both as a cross-body for the day and as a fold-over handle for the night.

Nobody does it best than the master of the red soul himself.



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