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Over the past year I have become overly obsessed with my collection of lipstick. I used to always say “I am not really a fan of lipstick” but boy has that changed. Recently I have shifted my makeup technique a bit and I have started focusing simply on wearing lipstick with a bit of a vibrant color with a small amount of blush and a thin line of winged eyeliner. For one, come end of day it takes me less than 3-4 minutes to have my makeup removed, face washed and night cream applied; do we not all hate the long process of removing our makeup and getting ready for bed after a long days work?

After going through several brands I can confidently say that Mac has mastered the art of lipstick, and I am referring to the selection of colours as well as the quality in terms of how long it lasts on. I literally pass by Mac minimum once a month to check out what new colors they have available, and do not be fooled; what might look like a really dodgy color on display might actually look great once you try it on.

I no longer believe that striking lipstick is simply for the night, if you are wearing simple makeup a striking color for the day could be the perfect choice.

My favorite colors for the season range from striking purple to a simple nude – depending on my mood and what I am wearing my Mac lipstick never parts me. Before I leave the house I make sure to have my car keys, house keys, phone and my lipstick of the day; the best part is that you need to literally retouch maybe 1-2 times at the most throughout the whole day.

Check out their constantly updated color list on


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