Pompoms and ripped jeans




Last night I was invited to a baby shower; seems like it is the season now for popping babies! It is always so nice to see how expectant mothers are feeling towards the end of their last trimester; trust me out of experience I know how frustrating and hard the final stages are. All to be forgotten and cherished once your bundle of joy is in your arms.

I guess I have been majorly influenced by both the 80s and my new found love of “mom jeans”. High waist pants have always been one of my favorite wardrobe essentials. Not only do they excentuate the length of your legs, but they make your waist look almost half its size. One of the biggest fashion faux pas is when the jeans cut your waist in half leaving you looking like a muffin top. For people with whatever length of legs, trust me high waist pants is your way to go. However, if your thighs are more on the plus size, avoid really high waist pants a much as you should avoid low waist – try to focus more on a medium waist purchase.

For last night I went for a rather laid back look, simple yet stand-offish. I settled for a simple black tight body top with mid length sleeves, a pair of high waist ripped jeans and my “speak for themselves” pompom flats. Wearing high waist jeans after 9 months never felt so good!

Jeans: Forever 21

Top: Maje

Shoes: Top Shop




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