Accessories of the Week

Slide1I found myself this week naturally looking at items and loving them only to realize that they are absolutely perfect for the festive season. Although some items such as this super cute Piers Atkinson headband or the Stella McCartney superhero bag might seem a bit out there; I could not help but post them as options for the week.

When purchasing a statement item always keep in mind as a single item it might seem a bit over the top, but once paired with a very simple outfit you allow the item to stand out for itself without jeopardising your total look.

When jewelry house Yazbukey and Finds team up for a collaboration the result is as striking and creative as this pair of embellished leather gloves that we can call nothing but a statement to say the least. Worn with a total black outfit rest assured your fingers will be the talk of the town.

Happy Shopping!


Photo Credit:

1. Stella McCartney 

2. Finds

3. Etro

4. Piers Atkinson 

5. Moschino

6. Banjo & Matilda


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