Flared leather skirt : How to wear it


Leather. My number one favorite form of fabric after fur. I am a huge fan of anything leather, be it a fitted jacket, a thigh length coat, a pair of tight fitted or loose pants and recently the flared leather skirt. When worn right you can never go wrong with leather.

Rule 1: When opting for a rather long and flared leather skirt I would almost always pair it up with a tight top. Rule of thumb, when wearing something flared from the bottom always go for something on the tight side as a top as to avoid looking bigger than you are.

Rule 2: When the skirt is high waist aim for a top that is tucked under to accentuate the waist and allow it to look smaller.

Rule 3: a bomber jacket is always the perfect addition to make the outfit look less formal.

Rule 4: When dressing for the day if the outfit is all black try to break the monotony of dark with a fun colored pair of shoes or bag.

How I wore it:
Skirt: Black flared pleated leather skirt from Zara
Top: Simple tight basic black top from Top Shop
Jacket: Black and white bomber jacket from Zara
Shoes: Mint colored strap sandals from Karen Millen
Bag: Gold python bag from Jimmy Choo
Earrings: Faux pearl embellished earrings from H&M



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