Black on Black on Black


For those of you that know me personally or who have been following my blog or Instagram you would know about my deep rooted obsession with black – what is it about black that has got me so hooked?

When I was much younger my wardrobe consisted of all the colors of the rainbow, now when I open it up you can basically say it’s a monochrome kind of situation; full of black and white pieces.

So what is it about black that I love so much? You can never go wrong with black, no matter what the occasion, time of day or season; black is set to always seal the deal.

I must admit however that during my pregnancy I started to wear less black; don’t know what part of my psychology was playing there. But ever since I delivered, I find myself the most comfortable in a black outfit.

For nighttime events an all black ensemble is your best choice. Simple, elegant and sophisticated; rest assured you can never go wrong. With some colorful statement jewelry or even a solid gold chunky necklace would go perfectly.

Do not get me wrong; my obsession extends to all basic and neutral colors. Anything ranging from black, navy, white, beige and grey; these are absolute wardrobe must haves.

Outfit details:

Dress- Zara
Jacket – Givenchy
Bag – Chanel
Shoes – Zara


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