How to wear long booties



I am absolutely in love with these simple studded Burberry boots I purchased 2 seasons ago. I love them even more because I got them on 50% off when I was in Milan winter 2013 – there is something about a good bargain that gets me even more hooked.

However, I always find boots this length sort of hard to dress because they are somewhere in between ankle booties and calf boots; however here are a couple of styling tips:

1- Leggings / Jeggings – Nothing says laid back and casual like a pair of fitted leggings and a loose sweater topped with a tight fitted leather biker jacket.

2- Folded jeans – I would go for a medium blue to dark blue shade. Try to avoid pairing black boots with light denim, the contrast is too strong and rather not appealing. Try 2 small folds, just enough to show a hint of skin; it will break the chunky look and will actually gives your legs a slimmer look.

3- Midi dress – Nothing says chic, sophisticated and laid back like a midi dress and long ankle boots. I would settle for either a light grey or black dress just to allow the boots to speak for themselves. A statement piece of jewelry is always the best combo for a simple daytime outfit.

Although these boots are black, I would not wear them out during the night unless I was attending something super casual. If you are opting for some nighttime booties always make sure there is at least a hint of a heel; you do not want to risk looking too underdressed. Flat boots are strictly for daytime only.

And of course, my favourite accessory of the season; Baby Nora!

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