Zara SS15

Jacquard patterned double breasted coat

Jacquard patterned double breasted coat

Jacquard floral coat

Jacquard floral coat

mini skirt with hem details

Mini skirt with hem details

high rise ripped jeans

High rise ripped jeans

jacquard jacket with fringed hem

Jacquard jacket with fringed hem

leather roman sandals

Leather roman sandals

fringed high heel sandals

Fringed high heel sandals

You have got to love Zara! I doubt there is one person I know that does not have at least 10% of their wardrobe consisting of pieces from Zara. Obviously not the TOP in product quality, but for the very affordable price points, continuous update of collections and the ability to find a variety of different styles and products; I would say that Zara has catered to our needs in a way that other brands have not been able to do.

The Spanish born brand was of its first to introduce the notion of what we in the fashion industry call “fast fashion” products. With a new collection release every 14 days, minimal use of advertising and the constant effort to offer consumers the newest trends; it is safe to say this fast fashion empire has set the bar rather high for competing brands.

As a personal lover of the brand, I have chosen a few of my favourite pieces from the newly released SS15 collection.

To view the full collection check out



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