My shoe confession

Slide01Chanel Python

Slide02Zara pointy brogues

Slide03Hermes Oran box leather sandals

Slide05Versace leather and stud sneakers

Slide07Giuseppe Zanotti suede pumps

Slide08Christian Dior ankle boots


Chanel patent leather ballerinas


Stella McCartney flat sandals

Slide11Converse in grass green


& Other Stories chain leather loafers

Slide14Zara leather flats

Slide13Tods leather gommino loafers

Slide06Chanel caviar leather ballerinas

Slide04Miu Miu leather sneakers

I must admit if there is one thing I have a major obsession with it is the amount of shoes that I purchase. My husband constantly says the same joke “if you were to change your shoes twice a day the days of the week still will not be enough.”

I have always had this love for shoes, I truly believe you can tell so much about a person by just one glance at their feet. Because I do not really wear colourful outfits and I prefer to stay on the subtle and classic side in terms of colours and shades; the best thing for me to experiment with is my shoes.

You would never catch me wearing a green top or a red jacket; but rest assured you can find me with the flashiest of moccasins paired with a simple outfit.

Other than colour I do not really have a preference for what type of shoes I will be strutting. I can jump right out of pumps and straight into a pair of converse, or my recent obsession with army boots can be easily substituted with a pair of simple feet slimming ballerinas (I must admit Chanel is my number one choice of ballerinas – with the price justification of receiving the most comfort you can possibly think of.)

Here are a couple of my favourite pairs that I own – Follow me on instagram for a continuous snap of what my feet will be strutting.



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