Goodbye Ombre…Hello Ecaille




If there is one hair trend we all agreed on last year it was definetly the Ombre. Keeping the roots at their natural colour and adding sudden light tones at the bottom was the way to go. 2014 was all about hair that back in the day our parents called Dip-Dyed hair; only to make it sound fancier by calling it ombre.Well, for everyone that enjoyed the trend there is something new for you to consider this year.

The Ecaille Tortoiseshell is the next big thing in hair trends this year; if you would like it can be called the revamped and updated version of the 2014 ombre. One of the major differences between this year’s trend and last year is that for 2015 it is all about remaining natural and simply amplifying what hair colour you already have. It is no longer about the dramatic and striking shift in colour or tint; it is all about softly lightening whatever colour you already have.Starting from the roots and gradually lightening in degradation as you go down; that is the tortoiseshell for you.

If you are a blonde, keeping the roots at their natural colour and gradually lightning as you reach the tips is your way to go. If your blonde hair is leaning more towards platinum, darkening your roots a bit in order to allow the degradation of colour to start from dark to light is what you might need to do.

For the brunettes like myself; lightening the hair gradually with shades of caramel that start getting lighter as you go down is our tortoiseshell for 2015.

With a bit of a sun kissed tan; rest assured your ecaille hair is your best choice for summer 2015.

I personally cannot wait to try this trend! Will keep you posted.



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