Because your life changes in a single moment


I have always wanted a tattoo, I have actually had it on my mind since I was still in school; why I never got one? Maybe because the idea of deliberately getting myself stuck with a needle was always something I wanted to run away from. 

Here I am, 15 years later and I finally got my tattoo done; why now? Because I finally found the one thing in this world that means more to me than anything. The birth of my little baby girl; the day my life changed forever. People joke around and ask me if I got her date of birth so I don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday later on; well now I’m sure I will never forget! But the real reason I got her date of birth is because 10.28.14 is the day I changed as a person. The day nothing was about me anymore but it all shifted to a helpless little person so dependent on me both physically and emotionally; till this day officially the best day of my life.

For anyone reading this that has a baby you know what I’m referring to. And for all the others that will one day have a baby of their own; you will know the exact feeling when it happens to you.

Because in the end; it takes a day, an incident, an encounter to change you for the rest of your life.



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