Fashion for Everyone





Fashion is for everyone, for every individual, for every person to personally express their mood, feelings or desires be it for a given day or as a set style. I had the privilege of attending one of the most heart warming fashion shows 10 days ago when I was in Beirut on holiday.

March 14, 2015, ABC Group and the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon collaborated on one of the sweetest fashion shows where kids of the CCCL centre and children of ABC were strutting the runway with the newest statement trends.

Hair done, heels on and cameras flashing allowing kids of all ages to personally express their love for what fashion and clothing has to offer. With a strong message from the kids on their strength and desire to push forward was aimed at raising awareness and resonating hope through the young souls and spirits of the fashionistas.

A large number of clothing brands took part in the show by dressing the kids and donating an amount of 2% for a limited period to the CCCL.

The Golden Ribbon; an international symbol of solidarity with kids with cancer was placed near the runway show where kids, parents and invitees wrote down their wishes and signed their names as a token of solidarity and support.

It was amazing to see the Lebanese unite over a cause that serves for a better future; a future that is hopefully full of health happiness and most importantly cancer free!



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