Who is Ugo Correani?

Crystal embellished brooch

Crystal embellished brooch by Ugo Correani for Gianni Versace

embellished chatelaine pin

Embellished chatelaine pin by Ugo Correani for Gianni Versace

Embellished clip on earrings

Embellished clip on earrings by Ugo Correani for Giannai Versace

Gold plated brooch

Gold plated brooch by Ugo Correani for Gianni Versace

Gold tone clip on earrings

Gold tone clip on earrings by Ugo Correani for Gianni Versace

Who is Ugo Correani? And why have we not been bombarded with his creations? I happened to be browsing on Mytheresa.com for some personal shopping when I came across some of the most beautiful jewelry pieces I have seen recently – labeled as exclusive pieces to be sold on Mytheresa.com for the Vintage Boutique DoubleJ. After snooping around a bit more and doing my kind of research I came to reading endless pieces about Ugo Correani; the mastermind and creator behind these exquisite pieces and this is what I came across:

Mr. Correani has worked with the top Fashion houses known internationally such as Gianni Versace, Christian Lacrouix (one of my favorite designers that has been majorly underrated in my opinion) and Karl Lagerfeld himself when Karl was still designing collections for Chloe.

However, the reason you have not heard so much about Ugo is because he passed away in 1992 and is actually not rightfully credited for his impeccable work that was produced mainly in the 80s.

Of the biggest milestones in Ugo’s life is that he created the jewelry that Karl Lagerfeld used in his first Chanel couture show, and eventually started making jewelry with Gianni Versace at La Scala; since Mr. Versace was responsible for the creation of all the costumes.

If there is one thing to say about Ugo Correani’s jewelry is that it is one of a kind. The refined detailing, the flawless finishing and eye catching design is something to admire.

Best part of this all? Mytheresa.com is exclusively selling pieces that Ugo created for Gianni Versace under the search of ‘La DoubleJ”; an over the top and amazingly set up online portal based in Milan that curates to everything vintage, from clothing to jewelry to interior design. The best way to describe La DoubleJ – Have your heart set on “Old is Gold”.


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