Embracing Ramadan in Style this Year

With the Holy month of Ramadan approaching very soon, I decided to dedicate this blog post to different ways you can look amazing this Ramadan while remaining true to the identity of tradition and culture.

The thing I personally love most about Ramadan is the way people come together to feast and enjoy meals that I like to call never ending. For exactly 30 days, our outings are divided between being invited and inviting family and friends to feast either during eftar (breaking fast) time which is at sunset and suhour (the last meal before sunrise).

Recently both Arab and International designers are focusing on creating collections that fit the theme of the Holy month by embracing tradition and culture.

For one, Mango this year has decided to introduce a Ramadan collection that consists of super elegant and trendy outfits comprising of long dresses and skirts, tops detailed with stones, palazzo trousers which are pants light in weight and loose legged from the waist down; perfect for the excruciating heat that come with the months of June and July.


Mango Dress


Mango Jumpsuit


Mango Pants


Mango Top

One of my favorite collections for Ramadan this year however is definitely from Lebanese designer Lama Jouni and the introduction of her AW15 collection that is delicately created to embrace the culture and tradition of Ramadan. Loose kaftans, capes and long dresses in delicate fabric and soft hues emitting elegance and sensuality are the highlight of her most recent collection.

jersey gown - lama jouni

Lama Jouni Gown

jumpsuit- lama jouni

Lama Jouni Jumpsuit

kaftan - lama jouni

Lama Jouni Kaftan

With just a couple of weeks left before the start of Ramadan, I look forward to seeing how everyone will create their own style and embrace tradition and culture with their own fashion twist.

For more on Lama Jouni’s products – www.lamajouni.com

For more on the Mango Ramadan collection – www.mango.com



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