L’Oreal “It Look” for SS15



I have personally always been a lover of everything and anything L’Oreal. With a wide range of products that have taken over our bathroom cabinets such as hair treatments and color, anti-aging creams, blemish ointments and makeup just to name a few; I always find myself enthused to try what new products they have launched into the market. Of course with the scorching summer heat and our long awaited desire to hit the beach; L’Oreal Mythic Oil is definitely a must have purchase. With just a few delicate drops after the shower; Mythic Oil will give your hair the nutrients and shine that have been sucked away under the sun.

With the start of every season I welcome the new time of year with two main things; my closet cleanup and a drastic haircut. This summer L’Oreal Professionel has introduced the “It Look” for SS15; known as what we call Shag layers. Embracing the grunge, messy and 70s look; shag layers are your go to look this season.

For an amazing total look and the best haircut you could possibly aim for; opt for a couple of strands of carmine red highlights that would look great with a dark base. If you have a lighter base color, aim for what professionals call “grown-out blonde”; similar to the ever so popular Ecaille color look this summer.

For someone with a semi-light base and very straight hair; I cannot wait to try this cut and blonde color and call it my very own “It Look” for this summer.



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