Women’s Fashion Week – What is it all about?


We all clearly know what fashion week is; only the most awaited time of year for all us fashion lovers! With this said however, every once in a while I like to go back and research where the base and essence of a specific event has stemmed from.

Fashion Week is by definition a week where fashion houses from all around the world showcase their seasonal collections in a specified period of literally one week. However, fashion week is primarily dedicated to individuals such as buyers and media to allow them to preview collections they either would like to cover or purchase for the upcoming season; and all this time we thought fashion week was for our own personal entertainment…

The most prominent fashion cities around the world are New York, Paris, Milan and London. Fashion week takes place twice a year with an approximate six month gap between each with showcasing of collections taking place several months in advance to allow buyers to place orders and have them in store just in time for the season release.

Fall Winter Fashion week – February – March

Spring Summer Fashion Week – September – October

Recently some fashion houses are even introduction what they like to call a Cruise / Resort collection and a Pre-Fall collection for fashion lovers that simply will not succumb to two major collections per year. A Cruise or Resort collection is literally a small collection that is introduced in November (between seasons) and consists of a limited number of summer items to be introduced and worn during the cold winter. Sounds pretty odd doesn’t it? – However, the purpose behind the Cruise collection is that it allows jet setters and individuals planning on travelling for a short vacation to escape the blistering cold to travel in style and up to date.

A pre-fall collection as the name indicates is a collection introduced during the month of May; usually 3 months before the main collection is set to show. Planning a winter getaway during the month of June or July? A pre-collection is your go to choice!



One thought on “Women’s Fashion Week – What is it all about?

  1. interesting read! I never knew what the difference between Cruise and Resort was!
    check out my blog 🙂 I just posted an article pertaining to this and think you might be interested! thanks for sharing

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