The Best of the Sale Period

Chloe wedge leather pumps

Chloe Wedge Leather Pumps

Was €625 Now €438

Proenza Schouler suede sandals

Proenza Schouler Suede Sandals

Was €309 Now €216

Valentino sneakers

Valentino Open Printed Leather Sneakers

Was €535 Now €321

Finds vinyl clutch

Finds + Mame Embellished Vinyl Clutch

Was €629 Now €377

Marni leather backpack

Marni Parachute Leather Backpack

Was €889 Now €622

Proenza schouler elaphe bucket bag

Proenza Schouler Bucket Bag

Was €1,775 Now €1,242

The best time of year is here…and no we are not talking about Christmas this time! Sale season is one of the most waited for period; at least for me. One of the most things I love to indulge on during sales period are my seasonal purchases of shoes and bags.

My rule of thumb is that I try as much as I can not to indulge and splurge on clothing. I believe that seasonal giveaways are not the best investment; thus I prefer to focus on splurging on shoes and bags; items I believe can be worn from one season to the next without losing their charm of “trendy” and “in”.

Since the sale has started; I have compiled a list of my favorite shoes and bags for this summer that I am sure you can strut next year as equally.



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