Your Definitive Denim Guide

Denim Let us all be honest, if there is one thing we all do not understand when it comes to shopping it is definitely the denim dilemma. We use so many random terms to define our body shapes and use them as our solid reasoning to why a certain pair of denims simply will not do! I for one am one of those people. When trying to define what suits me best I find myself lost in translation. For that reason I have compiled a list of the most common body types and what your best pick is. Of course keep in mind that every personal style and every body shape is different; however this could be of great help in understanding exactly what to go for and what to shy away from. The Legs: For people with short legs it is a no brainer that skinny jeans and ankle hugging denims are you go to pick. Try to shy away from flared jeans if you are opting for pairing them with flats. For a night out, a pair of high waist flared jeans and a pair of chunky heels will surely seal the deal. For the ones with legs for days you really do not have much to worry about. You have a wide range of options to choose from. One of the most things I hear from people with long legs is that they are unable to find the perfect fit in terms of length; but I personally have learned to love denims that cut off at the ankles; they make your feet look slimmer and work wonders with a pair of flat sandals during the summer – surely one of my personal favorites. The Butt: For individuals that have a plentiful butt it is recommended you almost always aim for jeans that are high waist; however your biggest no no are a pair with embellishments or big pockets from the back; those will surely do you no justice. Choose a pair that fit at the waist and have flat pockets with no flaps or exaggerated stitching. For you; the simpler the better. For the ones with less of a butt to show off, your newest best friend is a pair of denims with pocket flaps. Exaggerated stitching and embellished back pockets are your best option. The Waist: This is one of the trickiest parts of picking out your denims. We all seem to have a problem when it comes to picking out a pair that fits just right with our waist shape. We all complain about the “muffin top” look, too tight, too loose, too uncomfortable and simply just not doing us any justice. The best advice you can take is be true to yourself. No matter how much you might love a pair; always keep in mind that your choice of top on any given day is your key to choosing the right pair of denims. If it fits perfectly from everywhere but seems to bit a bit tight at the waist; aim for a top that is long and rather loose. For denims that seem to be perfect elsewhere but the waist is a bit loose, aim for a top that is rather tight and tucked in. If you have a wide waist and might feel like you are spilling from the sides, neither high waist or low waist are your best option. Your best pick would something in the middle, a pair of mid-rise denims. If there is one thing we all agree on is the desire to have a longer looking torso. For the ones with a short torso, the lower the rise of the jeans the longer your torso looks. The opposite applies for the ones with a long torso; make it look even longer and exaggerate the beauty of elongated torsos by opting for a pair of denims that are high waist. Always keep in mind that nobody knows your body better than you do. Settle for a pair of denims that make you feel comfortable, sexy and at ease with your body type and personal style. Xxx


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