Essie at The Roof Top




I had the pleasure of attending the Essie 2015 Neon Collection hosted by renowned Lebanese Blogger Lana el Sahely at The Roof Top of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut. Sunset, drinks and some pampering by the pool; what more could you possibly ask for. With an array of shades and colors the newest Essie collection ranges from shades of green, blue, pink and the classic nude tones that go with absolutely any outfit or outing you might possibly have.

As we sat by the pool delicately getting our hands manicured with the newest colors offered by the brand, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset and breezy weather as we sipped on cocktails elegantly created by the bar tenders to fit the theme and colors we had chosen to paint our nails with.

The color of my choice was Fiji (348) that comes in a light shade of pink and works perfectly with almost any outfit you choose to wear. My matching drink was a Pink Lychee Martini; the perfect match for my chosen color.

When deciding on a color, I usually go for light shades especially when I am travelling just in case the polish decides to chip off.

The best part of the event was the Finger Catwalk, where we strutted our freshly manicured nails as they paraded down the catwalk. And just when we thought the evening could not get any better, we were each gifted a pouch as we left with a choice of five give away colors of our choice.

I cannot wait to get try the colors I have chosen.


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