“You Are What You Eat” X “You Are What You Wear”


Gold Bangle by Sarah’s Bag; Earrings by Lara Jewelry; Black Cuff and matching ring by Lara Jewelry


Bonjus Bag by Sarah’s Bag; Earrings by Only Popcorn


Cuff by Sarah’s Bag


Rings by Lara Jewelry


Rings by Lara Jewelry


Sunglasses by Sunlashes; Bag by Sarah’s Bag

martini retouched

Rings by Sarah’s Bag


Watermelon and Orange Bag by Sarah’s Bag; Tray by Zara Home


Bird Cage by Zara Home, Ring by Sarah’s Bag

I am an avid enthusiast of collaborations that bring fashion and other fascinating worlds together. To see two different worlds that are somewhat unrelated collide and bring a product that reflects the true meaning of creativity and originality gives me butterflies. I recently collaborated with a dear friend of mine Lara Ariss that is a Le Cordon Bleu certified Chef and Food Blogger behind Keys To My Kitchen; of course a major foodie herself to say the least. I on the other hand never really saw myself standing in a kitchen, a place I personally associated with my grandmother’s traditional cooking that started at 5 am and was ready by lunchtime. Of the things that lured me to work with Lara is her approach and simplified take to what true traditional cooking is all about. She genuinely sparked an interest in me that I never thought possible. The ability to prepare a traditional meal in such a simple and easy way made me really reassess my desire to make the kitchen a place to visit not only when I was making my morning coffee or preparing my 9 month olds pureed vegetables and fruits, but also to prepare a legit authentic meal. For the fashion lovers and style addicts, let’s admit the truth; the way we dress has become a lifestyle; a true representation of what we love and who we are from the inside. Believe it or not, when they say, “you are what you eat” you also are “what you wear.” When deciding to style the shoot, I identified several brands that are the perfect fit for our first edition of “Fashion X Food”. They are like Lara’s cooking, authentic, aesthetically pleasing, produced, found and grown in Lebanon and the Middle East. The designers and brands I have chosen are Sarah’s Bag, Lara Jewelry, Only Popcorn and Sunlashes. I have also used items from Zara Home; a brand that although not Arab by origin evokes an unmistakable Mediterranean feel. Although I am used to styling moving objects; ie Humans; working with food has been quiet delightful. The different textures and colors of every dish required a different approach to styling. As the series of pictures that we will be releasing will show, every meal had been matched with a specific fashion item to accentuate its beauty. This is just the first of many planned series of collaborations that will include more brands, more food and of course more fashion. Included is a selection of pictures from the photo shoot, to see the rest of the images check my Instagram page as I roll out the remainders. To get more details about the recipes behind every finger licking meal, visit Lara’s blog on www.keystomykitchen.com About the designers: Sarah’s Bag – http://www.sarahsbag.com Lara Jewelry – lara.sheghel.ida.jewelry@gmail.com Only Popcorn – http://www.onlypopcorn.com Sunlashes – infosunlashes@gmail.com Zara Home – http://www.zarahome.com Xxx


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