Marni Lovin’


Sequin embellished scuba jersey peplum topSequin embellished scuba jersey peplum skirt 


Fringed mirrored leather brogues


Oversized leather trimmed shearling gilet


Gold plated and textured leather necklace


Paillette embellished wool skirt


Trunk medium appliqued leather shoulder bag

It is all about femininity, but not the tight sex-appeal kind of femininity; it is about embracing elegant femininity; dressing for yourself; for your individuality. That is what Marni is all about.

Known primarily for its very bright prints and deconstructive oversized cuts, Marni since 1994 has been one of the few leading international brands that has been so true to its identity. As a non-believer of dressing for the red carpet, Consuelo Castiglioni does not target individuals to be paid to wear her designs, but on the contrary embraces her clients that strut her designs at places such as art shows, galleries and even on the streets as lovers of true street style. The importance of purchasing Marni because you love the brand is what matters most.

For the newest collection, any item that has been picked out is screaming Marni logo free. Colors such as dark green, navy blue, mixing different elements of design such as leather and metal is what makes Marni a brand that stands out for what it truly aims to represent; comfort, elegance, grace and the extra edge of what I like to call crazy over the top fashion.


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